Gen-Z Teaching The O-L-D How To Talk Like Them

We are trying to remain cool as we age, but man is it tough to keep up with the youth, so we called in a secret weapon...Tracy's kids!

Emma (and sometimes Jack too) are schooling us on how to talk like Gen-Z.

Listen as we try to vibe like the cool kids so we can let the doubters cook...OR if you also need to know what the heck that last sentence means!

SESSION 1 with Emma:


LESSON 1: Fer Real and Cannon Event

LESSON 2: It's Giving, Vibe Check and Vibing

SESSION 2 with Emma and Jack:

LESSON 1: Let Them Cook and NPC

LESSON 2: Bet and Snatched

LESSON 3: Symp and Bop

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