Miska is Our River Pet of the Week

This is Miska! A 3-year-old female pit mix.

Mohawk asked Miska’s friends why she was so special. This is what they said, "she’s reserved at first but once friends, she loves a good walk and cuddle! She isn’t into sharing her food, but has been doing great working on it. She isn’t the biggest fan of other dogs and would want to be the only dog, but also does well with redirecting her attention away from other dogs. She really is a sweet girl who just wants to have a nice place to crash and to be around her people!"


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Thursday, October 12th

Mohawk Hudson Humane Society would like to thank this incredible community, they were able to complete 125 adoptions last week! On top of that, they are now able to offer sponsored adoptions for all those who qualify through the end of August. They are so excited to share this with the community. They are continuing to make animals available as quickly as they can, so please keep looking, please keep sharing, and please keep adopting!

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