Look at Hazel Our River Pet of the Week!

Hazel is a 6-year-old pit mix...

"Hey there- the name's Hazel! I tend to be a bit shy at first, but with some treats and patience, my shell cracks and I am one big goofy goober. I love a good walk and to play with my toys. Here at the shelter I live in an office and my office mate thinks I am pretty rad. I am house-trained, crate trained and very respectful (and offer pretty great cuddles if I do say so myself)! Ever see those bumper stickers that say my dog is smarter than your honor student- well that's me! I am quite the scholar. I already know sit, down AND paw! I will need to be your only pet but not to fear, with a gal like me you won't need anyone else. Because I can be a bit timid, I would like an adult home, sorry kiddos. So what do you think? Am I the Nutella to your peanut butter? Then come on down and meet me today. I promise I won't disappoint- don't forget the snackos!"

Hazel is part of our Hidden Gems Program. This means she has been available for over 100 days. During that time she has gotten a lot of individualized attention to help her become the best dog she can be. This also helps staff and volunteers know what Hazel will need to be set up for success in a forever home.

To learn more about Hazel head to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society's website.

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