WATCH: Full Body iCRYO Video Demo

Ever wondered how...and why...full-body Cryotherapy works?

I always thought that freeze therapy was for young athletes only, but it is oh so much more than that. I have been benefiting from Cryotherapy for both my fibromyalgia and sleep...and it helps in other ways too! Plus Cryotherapy at iCRYO is affordable and convenient - each session takes just minutes...

iCRYO has a number of services, but I wanted to share this full-body cryotherapy demo because it seems to be the one service that most people ask me about. Check out the video from Guilderland Manager, Justin, then head over to iCRYO in either Guilderland, Latham or Clifton Park and try it for free - just tell them Tracy from The River sent you...

And be listening to The River Morning Show to learn more about all of iCRYO's services and the opportunity to win a full-month's Elite Membership!

*Note, not mentioned in the video, but if you are worried about the closed space for full-body cryotherapy, don't. The window on the chamber door can be opened during your session!

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