Sniffy is Our River Pet of the Week

Sniffy is a 1.5-year-old pit mix with a lot of pep!

"Hey! I'm Sniffy! Still a young dude and gettin' used to my big boy paws! I have lots of energy and I loooooooove to burn some of it off playing fetch....oooh! Especially if you have a tennis ball, my favorite! I also love treats a lot, so training will be so fun. I'm getting really good at sit, I’d love to show you. At least, that's what the person with the Pupperonis told me. They also said I can be a "bull in a china shop" I don't know what that means? I'm a dog! My friends here say I'm going to be "too much" dog for kids so I'm really looking for a home without them. I'm looking to be your one and only pet, I promise I'm worth it! I'm a silly young guy guaranteed to give you years of joy. I hope I can meet you soon!"

Sniffy is part of the MHHS Hidden Gems program. This means Sniffy has been available for adoption for over 100 days. During this time he’s had a lot of one-on-one time and staff and volunteers really know him. Ask them about what makes him so special, and why you would be lucky to have him as your pet!! To meet Sniffy contact MHHS.

This weekend!

Benson’s Pet Center Gala for Animals

Saturday, June 3, 2023
Albany Capital Center

Tickets are available through May 26th. The auction goes live on May 30th and runs through June 4th. You do not need to be an attendee to participate or win auction items. We will have items that are made available day OF the gala as “gala exclusives,” but even people not in the room will be able to bid on them.


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