GG is The River Pet of the Week

Our pet of the week is a 7-year-old lab mix and wants to say hello:

"Hey there! The name's GG and I wanna be-be your new best pal! I'm an older fella, but don't let age fool you - I still have plenty of pep in my step! Now, I've been around the block a few times so I know what I like and what I'm not so fond of. Let me explain: I really like my stuff. So much so that I often forget to share. Luckily, I LOVE food, so I'd be willing to trade if necessary. I'm not so fond of young kiddies - don't get me wrong, they are cute and all, they're just a bit too rambunctious for me, so I'd prefer a retirement home with adults. One thing I know I definitely like is my people, so I want all the attention to myself! So, a home without other animals would be perfect. So, if you're looking to open your home to a retiree like me, come on over to meet me, you'll be-be happy you did!"

GG is part of Mohawk Hudson's CrossRoads program. This means that GG has some terminal things going on. He is still full of life and MHHS believes that all animals deserve a home and to feel love while they are comfortable. GG tested positive for lyme disease, has suspected cataracts, and a few other things that go along with being a man of a certain age. We don’t know how much longer GG has, but we know that he will be the perfect guy for the right person or family. Learn more about GG here.

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