We've Been Using These Emojis All Wrong!

Do you ever get a text with emojis and think you know what they mean, but aren't quite sure? Worse, you might be sending texts and using emojis wrong.

For example, a skull 💀 emoji doesn't mean someone has died, it is slang for “I’m dead,” which means you find something incredibly funny. Here are some other emojis demystified.

How many do you know?

  • Loudly Crying Face - (the one with the tears streaming straight down).This is guilty pleasure laughter or laughing at something you shouldn’t be laughing at..
  • Rolling on the Floor Laughing - This does mean laughter but apparently only when you are roasting someone.
  • Hot Face -(with the drip of sweat) This one means you’re physically attracted to someone.
  • Cat With Tears of Joy - It’s ironic, sarcastic and used to mock someone.
  • Slightly Smiling Face - Contrasting views on this one! Either a death threat, positive or patronizing (maybe better to stay away from this one).
  • Upside Down Face - Same as Slightly Smiling Face, but even more passive-aggressive (yikes).
  • Thumbs Up - Not a vote of approval, but a “rude, hostile or passive aggressive dismissal intended to permanently end the conversation.”
  • Person Walking - For awkward situations, like leaving the room when things are uncomfortable.
  • Fishing Pole - This one means fishing for compliments or validation.
  • Prayer Emoji - As its name explains, these are praying hands, not a high five.

Up your emoji game, check out more emoji translations here.

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