Kevin & Tracy Cannot Eat Sandwiches With This Ingredient

Do you have that one ingredient that would ruin any sandwich?

For Kevin it is pickles (Tracy happens to love pickles of course) and for Tracy it is Mayonnaise, what she calls "one of the most vilest substances on earth." Kevin, on the other hand has little issue with mayo.

How can you explain these extreme variances in taste? We decided to look it up!

When researching why some people are repulsed by mayo, we found according to research conducted in the U.S. it is suggested that slimy, gooey, filmy, mushy, and squishy things may arouse disgust. Food sensory consultant Herbert Stone, says an estimated 20 percent of Americans don't like mayonnaise, and we can blame that dislike on science.

As for pickles....medical experts say we are naturally born to crave both sweet and salty things, and have an aversion toward those foods that are sour or bitter. After that, it comes down to our environments, exposure to certain foods in childhood and genetics.

Guess we cannot blame one one another for our likes or dislikes when it comes to certain foods. Eh, we will still argue about it!

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