A Look at Kevin & Tracy's First Week Back!

Thank you Capital Region for welcoming us home. Our first week back together was, well, pretty much the way we remember it! Here's a look at some highlights.

First Argument: A flight attendant says that if you put one of your shoes in the hotel safe, you will never forget to check the safe upon leaving again. Kevin thinks it's a brilliant hack...Tracy thinks it's ridiculous. Who travels with one pair of shoes?!

First Challenge: Our iHeart headquarters have been completely remodeled and the bathroom is a bit of a hike. Let's just say we need to time our "breaks!" Here's what a typical trip to the loo looked like this week!

First Obsession: Kevin has started a new club! The Counties That Look Like States Club! He is mesmerized by the fact that Saratoga County is the same shape as the state of Ohio!

First Near-Death Experience: Tracy nearly choked to death on her way to her teaching gig...on the juice from her gum! Hear the whole debacle on our podcast page!

We are looking forward to many more firsts and good times with our listeners!

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