Alcohol Coming Out of Water Taps

When alcohol suddenly starts running from your faucets instead of water, you either start partying or questioning things.

It all started six years ago when authorities confiscated more than 1,500 gallons of booze from a nearby bar and poured it all out into a pit they dug. Fast forward to present day when residents in this apartment complex in India woke up to water turned into proverbial wine when they tried brushing their teeth, taking a bath, or cooking dinner.

At the time of the raid on the bar and subsequent emptying of bottles, authorities didn't realize there was a well right by their booze pit in India. That well is the only source of drinkable water for the residents of this apartment complex. Eighteen units were affected by this mixture of beer, brandy, and rum that seems to have seeped through the ground into the well.

photo: Getty Images

Everyone's too sick (read: wasted) to go to work or school. They cleaned the well a bunch of times, but they're worried it'll take more than a month for regular water to start coming through the taps again.

Makes you thankful we live where we do. I know we've got friends who'd come over to take care of that 1,500 gallons so unadulterated water could trickle through again. You know, just to help out, of course.

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