Woman On Tik Tok Shares Pettiest Revenge Tactic She Uses On Her Ex

I bow to the petty queen!!!

User 'Kristina Makes Content" responded to a video asking, “What’s something that’s incredibly immature that you will never stop doing?” She revealed that since she and her ex broke up back in 2016, she’s been intentionally spamming his email. KEEP READING...this is brilliant!

“I’ve had a very interesting tactic for revenge,” Kristina says. “My revenge comes in the form of email newsletters.” She explains that anytime she has to give an email address, she uses her ex’s. If she’s at the airport and needs to give an email to use the WiFi, she gives his. Anytime she has to provide an email address to read an article...SHE GIVES HIS!!!!

Wait....theres more....When it asks if she wants to be updated about events and happenings within a company, she clicks YES. OMG!!! When prompted to select topics of interest, she chooses all of them! This has been going on for 5 years ...“And I will literally never stop doing it,” she says.


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