Woman Becomes Hero for Us All, Using Glitter To Get Revenge On Cheating Ex

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What’s the best way to get back at someone you catch being unfaithful? For one woman in the U.K. it involves glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. Jade Butters says she found messages and photos her ex-boyfriend sent to other women, so she decided to teach him a lesson about loyalty. The 23-year-old claims she didn’t want to do anything that would cause “criminal damage,” so she came up with what she considers a “harmless prank.”

The couple had been together for three years and Jade says everything was good until she was playing a game on his Apple Watch at Christmas and saw messages from other women pop up on the screen. She blew up, but her boo didn’t even try to deny it, confessing to his crime. She says she wasn’t going to put up with it and left, then she bought about $20 worth of glitter on Amazon. She dumped the 82 tubes of the sparkly stuff all around her ex’s home and thankfully, she even filmed herself doing it for TikTok.

This scorned woman didn’t just sprinkle some glitter here and there, she took her revenge seriously. “I know how glitter can get really annoying,” Jade admits, and she put it everywhere. She dumped it in his bed, inside his pockets, socks and shoes, his laundry detergent and even inside his toothpaste tube! She did draw the line at dumping it in the toilet, afraid of ruining the plumbing system. When she finished, she says his place looked like it hadn’t been touched, but as soon as he went to brush his teeth, get dressed or washed some clothes, he would have found her glittery surprise. “It’ll be haunting him for years,” she says.

Literally, just burn the place down and start over.

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