Help Scarlett Find Her New Home

Meet Scarlett. She is currently at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society

Scarlett is a year and a half old Cane Corso mix. She’s a total sweetheart looking for the right family to make her feel safe. Scarlett is quite a nervous nelly when you first meet her. Although she’s a year and a half, she has many puppy-like tendencies, and is looking for a home to help show her the ropes. Once she comes out of her shell, she’s a total riot (check out the photo of her with her pile of “stuff” she so proudly collected!), but it takes her a bit to warm up. She has met some other dogs here at the shelter and seems to like them, and would probably benefit from having an older, wiser canine teacher around to show her how to “dog” if you will. Because she can be nervous, we think she would do best in a home with older kids or just adults, and a home that is ready and excited to help her be her best self through repetition, training, and patience.

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