Help Iris Find Her New Home

Meet Iris. He is currently at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society

Beautiful Iris is looking for her forever home. She is two-years-old and is absolutely gorgeous. She loves loves loves toys and treats, and can be the class clown. Despite knowing she can be silly, she definitely still has a lot to learn. She’s not always sure of herself or her surroundings, so she’s looking for a home that will give her the time, space, and guidance to be the best girl she can be. She would do best as an only pet; she likes cats a little TOO much, and she may play well with other dogs, but having a sibling full-time may be hard for her. Iris would also do best in a home with older kids or in an adult home as children can be unpredictable and can startle her. Iris has come a long way since she first arrived, and we know she would be a great dog for someone!

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