Meet Wilma and See How to Help 30 New Cats and Dogs

Meet Wilma! She's currently at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society

Wilma is almost 10 years old and is a domestic shorthair. She is as sweet, affectionate, and loving as can be. She is a huge fan of laps, treats, and attention. She's even been a pet for almost her entire life, so she knows all the expectations of living in a doting home! So, what could possibly be the hold-up? Wilma is a diabetic. While her owner could not add the extra expense, feline diabetes is something that can be managed quite easily and shouldn't break the bank. There are even programs to help provide supplies for cats with diabetes! We will talk to her future forever home to ensure they know all of the resources available and how best to keep her diabetes in check.

See how to adopt Wilma

The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society took in 30+ cats and dogs who were in shelters in the south. They needed to make room for animals displaced by the recent tornadoes to help them more easily get back with their families. A few of the incoming animals have some serious health issues and your donations will help them. Find out more here.