5 Things You Should Put In Your Dishwasher When There's Room

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I'm pretty good at putting plates, cups and silverware in the dishwasher, but when it's getting fairly full I have been know to be asked to "just leave it". I think there are secrets to loading a dishwasher I've never been told. I think you have to below to the Mason's or something.

Anyway I saw this article of 5 Things You Should Always Put In The Dishwasher If There is Room.

Here's the list. Now that I think about it, I bet some of these things get pretty gross!

  • The Microwave Turntable (Let's be honest. I only wipe it off if I spill something...and I think I'll get caught if I don't)
  • The Sink Strainer (Ya I never would have thought of this one)
  • The Dish Drying Rack (Again...never would have thought it of it. Maybe it is dirty)
  • The Spoon Rest (I have to have one of these when I cook and it gets washed every time. Gross if it's just sitting there for days)
  • A Bowl of Vinegar (It's supposed to make your dishes all sparkly)

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