You Got To Try - Kazan Japanese BBQ And Ramen in Crossgates

On Friday we kicked off our new adventure series "You Got To Try"

When I (Jason) first moved here everyone I ran into would say.. "Oh you got to try_____"

Whether its a new restaurant, a new destination, landmark, or even a fun attraction, we are gonna give them a whirl and report back.

Since moving back I have been super intrigued in the explosion of Asian cuisine. From Japanese and Thai, to Vietnamese and Indian, these restaurants are popping up everywhere.

We visited Kazan Japanese BBQ and Ramen in the Crossgates Mall just under the Funny Bone Comedy Club.

This is an Asian BBQ restaurant which also takes pride in making fresh Ramen Noodles which it features in their delicious homemade soups.

First they have to roll out the dough. Which they do 3 times to get it super thin.

Then they feed it through what looked like a Play-dough toy. Popping out fresh raw ramen.

As we waited for the Ramen to cook, we dug DEEP into the appetizers menu. We sampled the most delicious shrimp wantons, spicy shrimp tempura, octopus balls, delicious Japanese peppers, Japanese chicken wings, just to name a few.

Then we took a look at the Ramen menu. We picked three to share.

Then it was time for some hot meat off the grill (which is on your table)

And and egg for the presentation

Overall it was a very filling lunch. There was a lot of food there. It was all fantastic.

We would recommend this for a night out. The entire expierence took about 2.5 hours.

Listen to our podcast from Monday where we go in to more detail.

Thank you to Kazan for letting us kick off our new series there.

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