Do you know someone with kids? Do you hate that person? Get them this.

I don't have any kids but, i do have 2 nephews who are 10 and 7

Every Christmas, birthday or whatever... my brother always tells me the same thing,

"Get them anything that doesn't makes noise". I never really understood why he said that until i spent a weekend at a home with kids who had just gotten a toy trumpet. This toy ,I can only assume made by Satan, made the same sound over and over. The kids just could not get enough of it and to them it got funnier every time it made that awful sound.

It was fun for about an hour but by Saturday evening, it was time for this toy to disappear. When my friend removed the toy and said "it broke" the sound of children crying hysterically filled the space left void.

Nothing that makes noise. 

Now i get it.

If you hate someone. Go for this. 

It will do the trick.

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