Local Family Seeking Help for Boy Battling Terminal Disease

Calling all families who know any military members, law enforcement officials, EMTs or firefighters. What if you could help a dying child feel joy for just one moment? You can if you know anyone who may have challenge coins, patches or pins...

11-year-old John Francis Hoague-Rivette of Whitehall is battling terminal brain cancer. Little John has a passion for military and police coins and EMT patches. Family members say that when John receives a new one of these items, it is one of the few times he is responsive and engaging. His goal is to collect items from all 50 states, so if you know anyone who holds such positions in other states, how wonderful it would be to give this non-monetary gift of inspiration to John?

Items can be sent to: Captain John Francis Hoague-Rivette, PO Box 6, Whitehall, NY 12887

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