WATCH: "Crack the Hack" Episode 31

In this episode of "Crack the Hack," we attempt the following:

1. Remove crayon from walls.

2. Use your cellphone in the cold, without special gloves.

3. Prevent pizza from getting chewy in the microwave.

Watch to find out if any of these hacks are cracked!

Episode 1: fill a bucket, remove paint, shine shoes

Episode 2: separate eggs, untangle chains, clean up powder 

Episode 3: thread a needle, remove permanent marker, get gum out of hair

Episode 4: seal a cup, polish wood, charge a cell phone

Episode 5: slice onions sans tears, blow up balloons without blowing, split a watermelon without a knife

Episode 6: Camping Edition: make a lantern, waterproof shoes, use Doritos as a fire starter

Episode 7: de-stem strawberries, clean a grill without chemicals, make a cheap AC unit

Episode 8: peel garlic without touching it, juice a lemon without cutting it, open wine with a torch

Episode 9: Playing with Rubber Bands

Episode 10: cleaning silver, folding a fitted sheet, using a screwdriver as a funnel

Episode 11: husk corn perfectly, clean rust with coke, open a can without a can opener

Episode 12: pitting cherries, vacuum packing, escaping from a zip tie

Episode 13: remove eggshells, clean scuffs from the wall, remove stickers and labels

Episode 14: remove dents and marker from wood, pack fragile items with cheese curls

Episode 15: keep mirrors from fogging up, remove pet fur from clothes, open a wine bottle with a shoe

Episode 16: clean a keyboard with a sticky note, remove scratches with garlic, shave with peanut butter

Episode 17: open kid proof bottles with ease, gently remove band-aids, erase with bread

Episode 18: re-freshen bread, use dental floss as a knife, optimize space in your closet with a soda tab

Episode 19: keep glasses from fogging, repair a pulled sweater, remove car dents

Episode 20: carve a pumpkin without mess, make a "prison lighter," bypass automated phone menus

Episode 21: sharpen scissors with foil, use hand sanitizer and hairspray to remove ink

Episode 22: iPhone hacks, removing nail polish from carpet, cleaning broken glass with bread

Episode 23: easily half cherry tomatoes, never hammer your finger, rake with cardboard

Episode 24: easily close any type of food bag, sharpen a knife with a mug, freeze water in five minutes

Episode 25: clasp a bracelet with one hand, erase pen with chalk, open a car lock with a tennis ball

Episode 26: get more juice from a lemon. soften butter in seconds, pour syrups cleaner

Episode 27: fix burnt cookies, handle plastic wrap with ease, re-carbonate soda with chop sticks 

Episode 28 - Holiday Hacks: store wrapping paper, fix a strand of lights, make small wrapping paper work

Episode 29 - clean-up glitter, pack a carry-on (wrinkle-free) for a week, unseal an envelope

Episode 30 - remove coffee from carpet, stop noise from a leaky faucet, "iron" with clothes on

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