WATCH: "Crack the Hack" Episode 29 - More Holiday Hacks!

In this episode of "Crack the Hack," we attempt the following:

1. Clean-up glitter.

2. Pack a carry-on for a week, wrinkle free!

3. Unseal an envelope.

Watch to find out if any of these hacks are cracked!

Episode 1: fill a bucket, remove paint, shine shoes

Episode 2: separate eggs, untangle chains, clean up powder 

Episode 3: thread a needle, remove permanent marker, get gum out of hair

Episode 4: seal a cup, polish wood, charge a cell phone

Episode 5: slice onions sans tears, blow up balloons without blowing, split a watermelon without a knife

Episode 6: Camping Edition: make a lantern, waterproof shoes, use Doritos as a fire starter

Episode 7: de-stem strawberries, clean a grill without chemicals, make a cheap AC unit

Episode 8: peel garlic without touching it, juice a lemon without cutting it, open wine with a torch

Episode 9: Playing with Rubber Bands

Episode 10: cleaning silver, folding a fitted sheet, using a screwdriver as a funnel

Episode 11: husk corn perfectly, clean rust with coke, open a can without a can opener

Episode 12: pitting cherries, vacuum packing, escaping from a zip tie

Episode 13: remove eggshells, clean scuffs from the wall, remove stickers and labels

Episode 14: remove dents and marker from wood, pack fragile items with cheese curls

Episode 15: keep mirrors from fogging up, remove pet fur from clothes, open a wine bottle with a shoe

Episode 16: clean a keyboard with a sticky note, remove scratches with garlic, shave with peanut butter

Episode 17: open kid proof bottles with ease, gently remove band-aids, erase with bread

Episode 18: re-freshen bread, use dental floss as a knife, optimize space in your closet with a soda tab

Episode 19: keep glasses from fogging, repair a pulled sweater, remove car dents

Episode 20: carve a pumpkin without mess, make a "prison lighter," bypass automated phone menus

Episode 21: sharpen scissors with foil, use hand sanitizer and hairspray to remove ink

Episode 22: iPhone hacks, removing nail polish from carpet, cleaning broken glass with bread

Episode 23: easily half cherry tomatoes, never hammer your finger, rake with cardboard

Episode 24: easily close any type of food bag, sharpen a knife with a mug, freeze water in five minutes

Episode 25: clasp a bracelet with one hand, erase pen with chalk, open a car lock with a tennis ball

Episode 26: get more juice from a lemon. soften butter in seconds, pour syrups cleaner

Episode 27: fix burnt cookies, handle plastic wrap with ease, re-carbonate soda with chop sticks 

Episode 28 - Holiday Hacks: store wrapping paper, fix a strand of lights, make small wrapping paper work

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