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How Long Is Food Good In The Freezer?

When I was a kid we had a big freezer in the basement.  My parents would get like half a side of beef along with chicken and put it in there.  There was this chart on the door of what was in there and the packages had the dates when they put the stuff in there.  I swear they'd pull stuff out of there that was a decade old and that was for dinner.  

I always thought whatever you put in the freezer was good forever.  Well it may be...technically, but...it will probably not taste too great.  Here is how long they are saying you can keep stuff for:

Frozen Dinners  3-4 months.  (That's it?  This is their job!)

Bacon 1-2 months

Casseroles 2-3 months (Maybe its just me, but I think the dog should get this item)

Hot dogs 1-2 months

Steaks/Chops 4-12 months.

See the full list here

photo:  getty images

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