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Anyone Else Stumped for a Secret Santa Gift?

We have our station Christmas party this Friday.   A memo went out that we would be doing a Secret Santa.  It was optional but I thought "hey this will be fun, I'm in".  Now it's not so fun anymore.  I'm stumped!  

The name I got is someone I've worked with for a long time, but I really don't know what they are into or what to get them.  Our rules are no alcohol,  no lottery tickets & it needs to be under $25.  The other problem is that it's supposed to be secret so I can't ask around...too much.  OK I'm going to bend that rule today.

Are these supposed to thoughtful gifts or funny gifts?  What is Secret Santa etiquette?

Any suggestions?  Please leave them below.

Some websites I found:

35 Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $25  

40 Most Fun Secret Santa Gifts Under $25

Perfect Secret Santa Gifts Under $25

Finally here are some Secret Santa dos and don'ts

photo:  getty images

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