What To Do with Chicken Paws?

My wife usually does the bulk of our grocery shopping.  I am more of a "go get something for dinner tonight" kind of shopper.  I can't handle planning more than that.  I tagged along for the fun over the weekend.  I was sent on many quests to find stuff.  I think it was to get out of my wife's hair but it gave me something to do.  For the record I can't make sense out of why things are where they are for the most part.

One of my quests was to "go get something for dinner".  While looking for something to toss on the grill I came across "pigs feet" & "pig tails".  I've heard of them before though I haven't tried them.  I am sure they are delicious.

Then I found "Chicken Paws"!!!   Maybe they have these in all grocery stores and I have just never spotted them.  At first they kind of freaked me out.  Then I started wondering "what do you do with them".  Here's what I found out.  Thanks google...I think.  I believe I have most of the stuff too cook these...so the next time in need to "go get something for dinner..."   Hey you learn something new every day!

You can also make chicken stock

Here are a bunch of other recipes

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Randy McCarten

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