Cat Owners Has This Ever Happened to You?

This is Kimmie, our 10 year old cat.  She hasn't been feeling well so I brought her to the vet yesterday.  As you can see she found a nice spot on the scale but isn't quite herself yet.  We have had cats for a long time.  Before we got her we had two cats that lived to be 20.  In all that time I've never had this happen before.

OK this will get a little gross, but when you have a sick pet you do what you need too.  Over the years between cats & the dogs we have collected plenty of stool samples.  When she was at the vet they needed a urine sample and she didn't have any to give.  I was assigned the task of getting a sample.  If I didn't get one, I'd need to bring her back today and she'd hang out till they got what they needed.

In all the years we have had animals, I've never had to get a urine sample.  I have enough trouble getting my own, how do you do this with a cat?   Here's what we were told to do.

Get a disposable aluminum roasting pan and put a couple cups of this rubber cat litter they gave us in it. Then lock her in a bathroom overnight with a bowl of water.  I heard her making noise in there overnight and didn't know what to expect this morning.  Let's just say she did not appreciate the accommodations. I had quite a bit of clean up to do.  I would have preferred that she just give us a 1 star rating.  

I did manage to get a sample and the nurse at the vet was surprised that I wasn't there this morning with Kimmie.  So was I.   I'm hoping she will be better soon.  Should hear back on her tests later today.   Yes she's a bit of a pain, but she's a lovable pain.

Randy McCarten

Randy McCarten

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