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How To Safely Watch The Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse is coming up Monday around 1pm.  I didn't really care at first but now I'm starting to get into it.  I remember that I was in school when we had one and the smart kid on the next block make some shadow box thing.  It wasn't all that impressive but at least I didn't go blind.

I figured I'd start with this video on different ways to watch to keep your eyes safe.  The part about looking at the ground and putting on your glasses before looking at the sun was so basic, but something I probably wouldn't have thought of and really important if you have kids.  It's not exciting but worth watching.

There are a bunch of places to safely watch the eclipse today.  See where to watch here.

Here's a link on how to take video of the eclipse with your cellphone.  You can't just point it at the sun I guess.

Here is a link to NASA's list of reputable retailers for the special classes and filters.  If you can't trust NASA who can you trust?  (PS  I believe we did land people on the moon)  For the who, what, where, when and why click here

If you are really lazy like me NASA will have a live stream of the Eclipse.  You can watch NASA's Live Feed here

Here is a how to video for you.  He looks pretty smart so I'm listening to him.

I have heard that you shouldn't let your pets out during the eclipse because they may look up at the sun.  I don't know if that is true or not but Fido can hold it for a couple hours...I hope. The Eclipse may make animals act strangely.  Take a look at this

And finally the perfect song for the day

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