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Things To Do On a Hot Humid Day

I walked out to the car at 7:35 this morning and it was already hot & sticky out.  You wouldn't believe what it is doing to my hair.  I usually like driving with the windows down.  Not today it was AC all the way.  I got to thinking what are good things to do on a day like this.  Here are some ideas.

1.  Play a sprinkler symphony

2.  Find a place to sit next to the milk

3.  Start a Water Balloon Fight with a total stranger

Or you could... 

4.  Go swimming.  (wear your suit under your clothes and pop into a friend's house who has a pool.  Works every time and they don't suspect a thing)

5.  Eat ice cream (dish not a cone...unless you are really fast)

6.  Watch the movie Frozen in front of a fan while eating ice cubes.

Me?  I'm going to Cold Stone Creamery and seeing if they'll let me sit on the cold stone.  

Hope these tips help.  Keep cool my friend.

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