This Was Gross But I Couldn't Turn It Off

Last night I was the first to get home from the fireworks.  (We had to take two cars with kids needing to meet friends and get everyone these and back.  It's poetry in motion people)

Anyway I was killing time and flipped on the TV and stumbled onto ESPN-2 replaying the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest.  My first question was "is this really a sport".  Then I remembered that it's ESPN-2 so if Poker is a sport I guess this is too.  

As much as it grossed me out I could not turn it off.  I had to see if Joey would be the record of 70 hot dogs!  They sure treated it like a sport.  Listen to the announcers on this thing.  At one point I actually heard one guy say "He's slowing down to 8 dogs per minutes".   8 dogs per minute!?!?   I was thinking 8 dogs per MONTH is probably already past my limit.

If you wish to watch here you go.  It makes me want to rush out and get a delicious hot dog for lunch...OK maybe I'll just get the salad

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