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15 Ways to Fix "That Weekend Went Fast"

Sure it's Wednesday but let's face it, it still feels like a Monday.  I know that it's hard to get started after a long holiday weekend.   There is this guy I work with (yes you Chris) who asks what I did over the weekend and my response is usually "nothing special".  I think that is the wrong answer.  On a day like this I think it's good to think back to all the stuff you did over the weekend and maybe it won't seem to have gone by so quickly.

Here is what I did in no particular order:

1.  Went to a concert (Third Eye Blind with Ocean Park Stand off at SPAC.  We had a preshow BBQ with some great listeners and OPS...it rained really heavy but then cleared up for a great night...video below)

2.  Grilled out several times (Ran out of gas in the middle of one grilling session.  The kid at the store I ran to said I got the last one)

3.  Bought Legal fireworks.  (OK they were just giant sparklers but that is really as far as I want to go.  I appreciate my fingers)

4.  Had soft serve Ice Cream.  (Guptil's Mint Chocolate twist in a cone.  Good stuff)

5.  Came to work a few times.

6.  Blew up my lawn mower after cuts exactly 12 feet of lawn.  (Youtube says it might be a blown head gasket.  I am debating on if I can fix it myself.  It's 13 years old so I bought a new one that arrived on Friday.  If I decide to fix the old one watch for it on Craig's list

7.  Went swimming a few times.  (OK actually just float around till I have to get out to go potty)

8.  Went t a parade.  (The Saratoga parade.  To be honest it was pretty short but they threw a lot of candy & I found a bench to sit on)

9.  Played a board game.  (Don't know they name but it's kind of like Clue.  I went 1 for 2)

10.  Tried to learn the solo on "Rock Around the Clock" on my guitar.  (it's really fast and I'm pretty slow so I won't be going on tour anytime soon)

11.  Took a nap.  (Actually took like three or four but who's counting)

12.  Grilled a meal where no one ate the same thing.  ( 1 burger, 1 veggie burger, 1 beef hot dog, 1 turkey hot dog.  Guess which one I had)

13.  Threw out my back emptying the water in the dehumidifier, then went and trimmed the bushes.  (this is not highly recommended by Doctors)

14.  Watched fire works (and discovered that you can't take very good pictures of them with an iPhone 5c)

15.  Wore my favorite new shirt after getting it in a larger size.  (see some of the reasons above for the reason behind that.)

I'm sure there are other things that we did over the weekend.  I'll think of them through out the day and maybe the weekend won't have seemed so short.  Give it a try.

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