My Power Washer Nearly Killed Me

This is my power washer and it nearly killed me yesterday.  OK to be fair it wasn't exactly the power washer that almost killed me but I blame it.  I got it a few weeks ago and I have turned into a power washing fiend.  I am it's fun to use and you can see things get clean as soon as you turn it on.

It's not the most powerful power washer out there so you have to get a few inches away for it to really take the dirt off.  Yesterday I was power washing the house.  The problem is we have a two story house.  I had my 20 foot ladder out and was doing fine until I saw this.

I couldn't quite get to the windows and siding where that little roof is.  I thought, "wait I can put the ladder on the part with the shudders and step onto the roof and clean it all!"  So that is what I did.  What I didn't know was that that roof is a bit steeper than it looks.  Getting onto the roof was pretty easy, getting back onto the ladder not so much.  The tale of my brother falling of his roof and breaking a couple of ankles suddenly where in my mind.  

To make matters worse all the windows were locks, my daughter had just left for work and my wife and son weren't expected to get home for at least hour hours and my phone was in the garage so it wouldn't get wet.  Plus we don't know our neighbors that well and they are pretty far away so they probably wouldn't hear me asking them to go into my house and unlock the windows.  

At this point I realized that my power washer was an evil temptress and not to be trusted.  I did muster up my courage held tight to the big piece of trim on the corner and managed to get onto the ladder and to safety.  I had one shot to do it and there was no going back.  There will also be no going back to cleaning that part of the house for this guy.  Overall on a scale of 1 to 10 on the dumbness scale this was at least a 9.5.   It did look pretty clean though...through my tears of joy to be back on solid ground.     



Randy McCarten

Randy McCarten

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