Elf On A Shelf People I Need Your Help!

First off this isn't a political thing.  Here's the deal, when the election started rolling around our daughter was a little upset.  When President Obama was first elected she was maybe 7.  He is the only President she can remember so the whole "peaceful transfer of power" thing was all new.  

She has seen the President sing songs, read mean tweets and even saw the first lady do "Random Dancing" on iCarly.  To help her with the transition one of her friends got her a President Obama "action figure" for Christmas.  (No it's not a doll).  He speaks some words of encouragement if you move his arm.

President Obama was placed on the fireplace mantle with the season's assortment angels.  He stayed there when the angels were replaced by snowmen and was still there when the St. Pat's decorations went up.  I though "OK I guess this is where he is retiring since leaving office".   I wondered if she'd notice if I moved him.   

The first time he moved it took her three days to notice.  Then he went back on the mantle.  The second time he moved we played "hot & cold" to find him.  Now I've been challenged to find new places for "Obama on a shelf" and I'm running out of ideas.  It's also been requested that I start leaving notes.  

Again this isn't a political thing, it's just a what's President Obama up to today since he retired.  Here's what he's been up to so far. 

Randy McCarten

Randy McCarten

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