The Things To Do To Ensure A School Snowday

So today we got a school snow day.  Our daughter is really hoping for another snow day tomorrow.  I started thinking about the pajamas thing and wasn't exactly sure what you were supposed to do..  Looks like you are supposed to wear them backwards and inside out.  Gee sounds comfy

I also found there are other things you can do

  • Put a spoon under your pillow.  (be careful you don't lose an eye kid)
  • Drop one ice cube in the toilet for every inch of snow you want. (please no bobbing for cubes)
  • Shake any snow globe you see
  • Eat ice cream the night before (if that is the case every day would be a snow day)

Lots of flights cancelled already in the Northeast.  Boston may be a getting a foot of snow.  They must eat a lot of ice cream or are dropping a lot of cubes in their toilets

Here's a complete list

Cody thinks February snow tastes better than January snow.

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