No Right on Red Optional?

You've been in this situation before, right?  Sitting first in line at a red light, your right blinker is on.  You can easily see that no one is coming from the left, but...there is sits.  That damn sign.  "NO RIGHT ON RED"  Why?  Why are you there stupid sign?  No one is coming!  I could easily turn!  But, wait for the green light.  Then a car comes up behind you.  They are also turning, and you can see their face in your rear view mirror.  They look annoyed with you, or, at least you think they look annoyed.  And now...YOU are thinking that THEY are thinking 'why doesn't this jerk just turn?'.  And now you are thinking of turning, all the while hoping that a car comes from the left, justifying your lack of turning, proving to the several cars...behind you, that you made the right choice.  But that car doesn't come, and the stupid light still hasn't turned green!  And now you KNOW Mr. Impatient behind you is getting really restless and cursing you under his breath.  Finally, he can't take it anymore and honks the horn!  You point to the sign, hoping it's your safe harbor...the sign, THE LAW says no!  Honking Jerk Guy says yes!  The green light refuses to bail you out...and the pressure mounts!!  What do you do??????

Kevin & Tracy

Kevin & Tracy

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