Thank you, Capital Region.

Just the other day, Kevin & I were talking about our least favorite month. I said how nothing great happens in April. Now that I look back at that conversation, I'm all like ... YOU MORON! A TON OF REALLY COOL THINGS HAVE HAPPENED FOR YOU IN APRIL.

In April 2008, I was offered an internship with the Morning Show on Kiss 98.5, which I grew up listening to in my hometown of Buffalo, NY. I still remember listening every night to the Kiss 10@10, walking past the "Survivor" set up at the Erie County Fair, and of course starting my mornings listening to Janet, Nick, & Wease on the school bus prior to this great opportunity. It was a dream come true to get an internship with these radio legends, and I eventually got to be on-air part time and work in the Promotions Department. 

On April 1st, 2013, I put in my notice, and told them how I would be moving to be on the Morning Show in Albany, NY on 99.5 The River. How do I remember the exact date, you ask? Because it was April Fools Day, and people thought it was a prank. I was leaving the station I absolutely adored being a part of... this can't be real, right? This was my first time ever leaving Buffalo... and if you would have told me 6 years ago that I would move in the next year across the state, I would have told you you were crazy because I never imagined leaving my favorite city.

On April 9th, 2013, I was introduced on the River Morning Show with a huge & warm welcome from my new radio brother, Kevin. Thinking about it right now makes me tear up, because it's all I ever wanted. I was overwhelmed with joy and nerves like you wouldn't believe. And you, Albany, were so extremely welcoming... I really thought it was too good to be true. That's how great you were.

To be sappy for a moment, I would also like to point out something beyond wonderful that happened to me on April 13th that wasn't work related. I went to brunch after a fun first night out in Albany with some girl friends, and our waiter at Cafe Madison was pretty handsome & had a great dry sense of humor. I left my number for him, and I'm so glad I did. On April 15th, Jesse & I went on our first date together, and we've been together ever since.

I have loved every moment here with you, Capital Region, and I'm so glad we got to share so much together. You helped me (semi) grow up from the naive & love bashing 25-year-old I was when I came here, to this almost having it together married 30-year-old. Keyword, almost. From starting my first full time radio gig, to adopting my love muffins (Sharknado & Olivia Wilde), to buying our first home, and of course, to saying "I Do"... you've always supported me, and I will forever be grateful for that.

Aprils have been amazing for me so far... and this year, it brings another new adventure. I have accepted a new position within our iHeartMedia family, and I will be moving to Milwaukee, WI as the Music Director and Afternoon Drive on an awesome country station out there. I'm anxious, excited, and a ball of nerves... and I'm hoping that that city is half as great to me as you have been. 

I have so many people to thank right here in our building that I am so grateful for. If I go too much into it, I'll never finish this blog... but first & foremost, thank you to Randy McCarten, the boss man, for believing in me and giving me a chance 5 years ago. You changed my life for the better with my career, and if I never came here, I would have never met my other half too. You are who I aspire to be when it comes to being a leader with your constructive criticism, work ethic, and patience. There's not enough room to truly thank you for everything you've done for me. Kevin... you're ok. I KID! Thank you for being my partner in crime every morning, and for putting up with my lack of skills in the beginning (and even now... I'm still a hot mess minus the hot). I couldn't imagine being on this journey with anyone else by my side. Please text me super corny things every morning, James VanderD. I'll always think of you with that song, and of course Fun. Thank you to your wonderful wife Chrys for always being so freaking cool & being the best cat whisperer of all time (you have no idea how much I appreciate you always being so nice to me), and to my best little friend who I adore so so much... Rachel, I love you so. Thank you to Jill Manti, our Marketing Director, fierce Celebrity Birthday Game opponent, and my little bud. You will always be 38 to me. Thank you to BJ the Web Guy for filling in when needed and for your awesome webbing skills (new term... and stop eating pickles already. They're disgusting), and to Jaime Roberts from 98-3 TRY for keeping me company when I'm solo in the studio with your wit and extreme pop culture knowledge (one of the only people to ever beat me in the Celebrity Birthday Game, might I add). HI-ME Roberts, we'll always have Hulu. Thank you to Matt Phoenix in our Arts & Crafts Department for making cool logos for us, and for your stenciling skills.... and for being a good real life friend & cat watcher too ("Mirrors" will never be the best JT song). Thank you to Alan Green for helping me pay my bills... you are a gentleman & a sales scholar, and I hope to one day beat you in poker brutally (we can finally go to Lambeau together now!). Thank you to Rachel Davis for being my morning motivation from the WGY studio every day with your dazzling smile and our usual rants. Thank you to all of the on-air talent in this building, including Quinn & Cantara, D. Scott, Chuck & Kelly, and the rest of the wonderful WGY Crew (Joe Gallagher... you're a mess & one day you will get my name right on the first try). You guys have been amazing to learn from & I am so happy to call you all friends (especially you, Terry, at our classy diner lunches. I will always think of you when ordering crepes. I love you & your sportsing). Thank you to Duke for being one of my first friends here with our mutual love of the Buffalo Bills. Thank you to everyone in our Promotions Department (Jillian of Wild Country 99-9 & one of my favorite Snapchatters, Lovey with the biggest heart, Jackson my arch football nemesis) for your amazing event skills, and to our Sales Department for helping us make it all happen (How many promos? Can I get an aircheck? Please continue to send emails like that even when it has nothing to do with me because I'll miss you all) . Thank you to our Traffic Department for your organizational skills, and always being cool about moving stuff around (especially you Monica... you're one of the sweetest people I know. Kaylin, you're a rockstar too both in that Department and on-air). Thank you to Jonathan & DePalma for making sure we all get paid (you're both pretty cool regardless) & for never taking yourselves too seriously. Thank you to Kristen Delaney & John Cooper for being the most understanding people from start to finish with this process, and for going along with Randy's idea of bringing this crazy girl from Buffalo into your radio family.

Thank you to my beyond amazing parents, Faja James & Mama Cath, for never questioning me in all of my miscellaneous part time jobs juggling to get to this point in my radio career. I am so grateful to have both of you in my life, and I love you more than you know. Thank you to my extremely supportive friends who I consider the siblings I've never had near & far... I love you all for being the best cheerleaders a girl could have. And of course... thank you to my very handsome, talented, and understanding husband for being by my side through it all. I can never thank you enough for always pushing me to be a better person in this world and in my career.

Sorry that was so long.... but just one more super corny thing to leave you with because I'm crying and need a cringe-worthy laugh:

I really hate to SPAC you in the face with this, and to drop this EGG on you, but T i see U again, I say from these TULIPS (two lips... I tried).... thank you for everything, Capital Region.

Kevin & Tracy

Kevin & Tracy

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