Wedding Wednesday: What couples are now asking for gift-wise

Usually when we go to a wedding, we just go the easy way.... (unless it's a close girlfriend of mine, and I'll make them something meaningful on the side too) and that's giving cash. We've been doing this since even before our big day, and truly believe that's the best way to go.

We were so thankful & appreciative for the cash gifts we received on our wedding day, because it meant making our first house a real home of our own, and going on an amazing vacation together when our schedules don't always let us have quality time as a couple. 

Obviously there are certain times in one's life when giving cash isn't really a viable option. However... if you do have the means, I would totally go that route versus getting them something that isn't on their registry, therefore they may not need, and you'll be wasting your time and money. I remember one of our guests got us some random things that they liked because "nothing left on the registry was fun". Unfortunately, being an adult isn't always fun, and mama needed some new serving utensils instead (lol sad but true... #adulting).

I was checking out wedding trends for 2018, and couples are asking for just that... cash. And the new thing is they're actually setting up accounts now where you can directly contribute to their house fund, or another big purchase that they want to make together.

I thought that was an interesting concept. I've had friends in the past that have set up registries so you can give them experiences/excursions on their honeymoon, but I've never actually seen a house fund yet. I mean, why not? If that's what they really want, wouldn't you want to be a part of it too? Also, it will be totally acceptable to steal their good toilet paper when you go over for a party because damn it, you paid for it! (Am I the only one who "judge's" my friend's homes according to their toilet paper? We're adults, get the good stuff! That's a whole 'nother conversation though.)


Have something cool from your wedding or event that you want me to share/highlight? Let me know! 

Kevin & Tracy

Kevin & Tracy

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