What do you do in this situation?

Okay, so this is a little heavier subject matter than usual, but I saw something very similar to this picture this past week on the corner of a shopping plaza.  It isn't uncommon.  We have all seen people holding up signs, hoping for hand outs, a meal or a few bucks.  I'd love to say I don't judge these people.  But that would be very hypocritical.  To be honest, I'm certain we all do.  We all form a judgement in our minds.  Isn't it in our nature?  It is how we choose to handle that judgement.  For all of my experience, I've just ignored, and driven by...often thinking...why don't you use your time and energy and look for a job...then you might not have to beg?  This is of course...not knowing their story.  If I did, then perhaps I'd think different.  This is where reserving judgement comes in.  However, I'm very skeptical, and I often wonder, am I being conned?  Is this person really homeless?  Or do they make money off of the kind and generous heart of those who take pity on them?  

When I saw this man the other day, I saw something I've never seen.  A car pulled up to him.  A man got out and gave this stranger...proclaiming homelessness, a bag of food and a coffee.  He got back in his car and drove away.  I thought it was a very very kind gesture, and then wondered, did this nice man get duped?  And if he did, does it matter?  He did something very kind and generous.  He helped another person, just because.  And it doesn't change his future.  Would I do the same?  I never have.  But would I?  It has certainly given me something to think about.  

Kevin & Tracy

Kevin & Tracy

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