What is going on with women's sizes?

The other day, I went shopping at H&M. I was on a mission to find some cute new summer clothes, and some black jeggings/skinny jeans since my old ones were on their last leg (pun intended because I'm super lame).

I found a cute pair that were only $10! Awesome! I grabbed a size 4 because they looked like they were on the smaller side. I'm usually a size 2 everywhere else (Banana Republic, Guess, Express, etc), so I wanted to try them on just to be sure (I usually HATE trying on clothes, but something told me to just do it).

Let me tell you... I couldn't even pull these size 4 bad boys over my thighs! I was so confused, and literally thought I must have accidentally grabbed these from the kids' section or something. Nope... they were women's alright.

I went back and grabbed a size 6. I figured those would fit, so I bought them and walked out.

Well, this morning... I got quite the work out putting on my new size 6 skinny jeans. It was like a bad 80s work out video.... jumping and alternating legs while doing so. I think I burned about 200 calories.

Now let me say... there is NOTHING wrong with being a size 6 or 8 or 10 or any other size. We're all different. However, I do think it's a little ridiculous that I am a size 2 and I bought size 6 pants that honestly... are a LITTLE too tight still! I checked my coat closet too and I have a blue peacoat from them that's a size 10! A SIZE 10?! The rest of my coats are smalls! 

Why is this happening with stores these days?!? Why are all of the sizes so off, and making our shopping experiences even more complicated?!? I just want to grab the size I am, and walk out. Guys have it so much easier... they're pretty much the same across the board (especially jeans/pants!).

Have you had issues with this lately? What stores are the worst, in your opinion, with the off the wall sizing?

Photo cred: My boo thang Rachel

Also have to add from my friend Sarah... she sent me this article with a woman who is usually a size 12 everywhere else, but is a size 18 at H&M. WHYYYYYYY IS THIS HAPPENING?!?

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