The ULTIMATE Bridezilla!

If I didn't personally know the person who sent me this story, I truly wouldn't have believed it... THAT'S how insane this Bridezilla is.

Enjoy this story from an anonymous lady I know... and let me know if you can top it! It's doubtful....

This is 100% worth the read... trust me.

"I've stood up in 18 weddings. I've been a flower girl a few times, junior bridesmaid and bridesmaid. I've definitely seen and heard it all I feel.

The bridezilla that was the craziest was marrying a friend of our family. She didn't have a big family and she knew I was close to her fiance and his family, so that's why I was asked to be a part of their oh so special day. Now at that time, I was a martial arts instructor and trained competitively. My weight would fluctuate with the on and off season, and being only 5 foot tall, losing or gaining just a few pounds was noticeable and I had to have two sets of wardrobes. Don't worry, this ties into the story.

Now at the beginning of the wedding planning, the bride wasn't too terrible. And then we all went shopping for our dresses. Believe it or not, we all found a dress that looked good on all of us bridesmaids, and if I recall, there were 7 of us. It is rare to find a dress that can look good on 7 different body types. And this was before the trend where bridesmaids could have different styles of dress for the wedding. The bride ended up saying "Well now all of you just need to stay exactly the same so you can all look as good as you do today" which we all shared a laugh at......

Until about a week later....

The bride asked us all out to lunch because she had something she wanted to go over with us. When we all met up, the bride starts handing out this piece of paper to everyone. This paper was a freaking CONTRACT for us to sign!!!!!!!!! A contract stating that us bridesmaids wouldn't do anything to drastically alter our appearance unless we ran it by her first. For example: tanning, hair style and color, visible tattoos and piercings....oh, and drastic weight gain/loss. So she wasn't joking after all.

We were all utterly shocked and speechless. She sat there saying how I should probably take a year off of training so I wouldn't look "too buff" for her wedding. She told another bridesmaid to hold off on finishing her half sleeve memorial dedicated to family members she lost. She was most definitely off her rocker. Then, since we were in public, we tried staying on the quiet side, asking how she can even think about having us sign this crazy contract. Then the tears start coming down her face and she starts blubbering about how she just wants to have the most perfect day and blah blah blah. We told her no, then she has a bigger melt down in the middle of the restaurant we were in (I want to say it was Olive Garden....and now I want breadsticks....) and she pretty much had a temper tantrum like a child. At that point, most of us ripped up the so called contract and walked out. I ended up calling her fiancé to say how crazy she is and even he couldn't believe she would do such a thing.

A few days later, after ignoring her calls, her fiancé calls to tell me she wanted all of us bridesmaids over for an apology. What her fiancé, and the rest of us misunderstood, was that the crazy bride wanted us over so WE could apologize to HER because WE embarrassed HER in public. That's when we all dropped out of the wedding.

About 2 weeks go by, and I got this long text from the bride apologizing for her actions and that she was out of line and how she really wanted us all there. So me being the nice person that I was, accepted the apology, but not all of the other bridesmaids did. Only 3 more accepted her apology and the other girls didn't want to hear from her ever again. So it went from 7 down to 4 girls and the rest of our bridal duties were just awkward.

To make matters more awkward, the bride got lit during the reception and cussed us all out in front of EVERYONE for ruining her day and ended up puking on herself at the end of the night. 6 months later, they got a divorce. I'm pretty sure the contract should've been a red flag...poor guy. But now he is happily married to a sane woman (FYI they eloped) and they have 3 beautiful dogs and 2 cute cats together."

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