What would you have done on this train ride?

Over the weekend, I took the Amtrak to go see a friend of mine for her birthday. 

On the way back, I had a quick maybe 2 minute conversation with someone across the aisle... just the "where are you headed" type of thing.

About an hour into the ride, this person got up to use the bathroom (keep in mind, these bathrooms are basically double the size of a handicapped stall in a restaurant bathroom), and he asked me if I would watch his backpack (not a big suitcase by any means) with his medications in it while he "used the facilities".

I told him (in a nice way) that he should just bring the backpack to the bathroom like I do when I use the bathroom but with my purse. He seemed a little taken back by it, but I really was very nice about it. I didn't mean to insult him at all!

I don't know this human... I don't even know his name... so how can I trust what's in his bag? Or how could he trust me not to take something from him? (for the record... I obviously wouldn't.... but he doesn't know that!).

My friend said I was being a little too cautious, and that she would have just watched it for the few minutes he had to walk away.

What would you have done in this situation???

Kevin & Tracy

Kevin & Tracy

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