I'll Never Break Up with The Walking Dead

Hey Kevin here, and I don't know about you, but I am ABSOLUTELY excited for the return of The Walking Dead Sunday night.  How about you?  Some of my friends have broken up with the show, and I can't figure out why.  It is still the most intense show on television on any network not named HBO (Game of Thrones).  Walking Dead is the one show that we must watch as soon as possible, and the one show you CANNOT go on social media the next day without spoiling EVERYTHING!  To me, it still creates that...I need to watch RIGHT NOW feeling!


Now I agree, there have been maybe a few too many 'fill' episodes where not much happens.  Or maybe they focus on characters we don't really care about.  And I know people are tired of Rick and his back and forth 'I'm a wimp/I'm a leader' attitude. 

HOWEVER!  I applaud the writers for continuing to bring in new and compelling characters, and now we have the baddest of the all with Negan.  I'm actually NERVOUS when watching the show whenever he is on the screen.  Not only is he terrifying, he's also completely charming and funny.  For some reason, if I were stuck in the apocalypse, instead of wanting to kill him, I'd probably really want him to like me, lol!

Every episode brings the 'what is going to happen next' excitement.  Who might get killed next fear.  The wonder of...would they really kill Daryl or Rick? Lots of people were upset the the show didn't take a risk, and kill off a major character in the season premiere.  Okay, well they did, Glen and Abraham.  But that wasn't enough for some people.  Abraham wasn't big enough, and Glen was expected.  Many wanted it to be Michonne, or Maggie, maybe even Daryl.  Would you REALLY want to kill of the show's favorite character?

Some people were even super upset by the show's over the top violence.  I think it was necessary to show just exactly what and who the characters are dealing with.  And to break down their resistance.  In my opinion, it was all done perfect.  It was intense and terrifying.  Every episode can't as uber intense.

And, I think the higher a show raises its stakes and the more risks a show takes, AND the more popular it becomes, the higher our expectations go - making it even harder on the producers and writers.  That said - I'm into it each and every week and can't wait to find out how it ends.  Actually, I'll be happy -  because I'll be less stressed!  BUT - Walking Dead, I'll never break up with you!

Kevin & Tracy

Kevin & Tracy

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