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Paint Colors That Promote Wellness at Home

Entrance Of Living Room With Pink Sofa, Potted Plant And Coffee Table

Photo: Getty Images

When you choose a paint color for your home, your design aesthetic and existing décor are often top of mind. With that said, it's also important to consider how certain shades make you feel—especially since the colors on your walls can even improve your overall wellness and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.


It’s great if you find tranquility in the great outdoors.


It is associated with wisdom and spirituality. It is also the color of transformation.


It’s commonly associated with nature. The color represents harmony, healing, regeneration, and love.


Some people are naturally drawn to white because it represents solitude, purity, and cleanliness


it's an understated neutral, but still offers a subtle pop of color. 


Believe it or not, pink is a restful color associated with compassion and unconditional love.


Different from other neutrals like beige and cream, taupe offers a subtle warmth that infuses spaces with an elevated layer of comfort giving your home a relaxed, cozy feeling.


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