How To Get Ready For Work Faster In The Morning

Woman putting earrings

Photo: Getty Images

If I don't prepare, the morning gets out of control for me. Here's ways to make getting ready a little faster for you.

Assess your morning routine at the beginning of the week.

Go through your closet ahead of time. Edit out ill-fitting clothes or clothes that you just feel ‘eh’ about.

Curate your wardrobe around core colors. These will be the unifying pieces of your wardrobe.

Make sure you have closet staples. Things like a white button down, black slacks, straight leg jeans.

Simplify packing your work bag with pouches or a smaller purse.

When it comes to makeup, stick to three areas you want to focus on.

Use multi-purpose products.

Don’t wash your hair every day.

Rely on hair accessories for easy, office-appropriate styles.

Write your routine on a sticky note.


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