Posing Secrets That Will Take Your Photos To The Next Level

Hate how you look in pictures? It's not you. It's the camera, or the poses that camera is catching you in.

So here are some ideas to make you look in pictures as good as you look in person!

Elongate your body while sitting. Sit up straight and play with your leg positions.

Instead of standing straight towards the mirror, turn about 45 degrees and put your hand on your hip. Even if you don't have noticeable curves, it creates the illusion of curves. 

Show off your waist by placing your hand on your hip especially with loose fitting clothes.

Putting one leg forward gives your body more shape.

When in doubt pose like Wonder Woman. You’ll instantly feel and look more confident

While sitting give your legs an instant toned look by going up on your tippy-toes.

Use accessories to create movement.

Make sure the light is shining on your face when you take a selfie.

A smile goes a long way.

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Photo: Getty/Westend61