Quick Response Cleaning Capital Region Fire House and Police Stations

Photo: Quick Response Facebook Page

I cannot say it enough - cleanliness is next to godliness in the current world we're living in. Wash your hands, keep your distance and make sure to thank any first responder of front line person you see or know. They're putting themselves in harm's way every single day.

One way that Quick Response is giving back to the community is by disinfecting and cleaning Capital Region firehouse, EMT headquarters, and police stations. This is HUGE! They've already done many around our area! Not only will it keep many front line people away from this virus, it will ensure that they're doing their very best to keep it away from us as well.

"Quick Response wants to help all first responders to stay safe and is offering to disinfect professional vehicles at NO CHARGE. First-responders – bring your vehicle for disinfection to Quick Response at 20-77 Route 9 in Round Lake, weekdays from 2 to 5pm. No appointment necessary and the service is free."

From the Quick Response Facebook page:

Quick Response has completed disinfecting a couple of Firehouses in our community and would like to extend that offer to EVERY Firehouse in the Capital Region AT NO CHARGE. We also want to disinfect the vehicles of our first responders AT NO CHARGE. Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Police Vehicles... any vehicle being used by the heroes on the front line battling Covid-19 will be disinfected by the professionals at Quick Response, 2077 Route 9, Round Lake, NY, M-F 2pm-5pm starting Monday, April 6th. Again, there IS NO CHARGE and no appointment needed, so please bring your vehicles to us so we may help you stay safe.

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