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Here Are The 11 Best Thanksgiving Movies 

While most people are ready to binge their favorite Christmas movies already, let's not forget about next week's holiday.  Here is a list of the best Thanksgiving (or Thanksgiving-ish) movies, in no particular order:



1.  "Addams Family Values" (1993)


2.  "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" (1987)

3.  "Miracle on 34th Street"  (1947)


4.  "The Ice Storm"  (1997)


5.  "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"  (1973)


6.  "Spider-Man"  (2002)


7.  "You've Got Mail"  (1998)


8.  "The Humans"  (2021)


9.  "Scent of a Woman"  (1992)


10.  "Home for the Holidays"  (1995)


11.  "The Gold Rush"  (1925)

There's also a horror movie coming out Friday called "Thanksgiving" from director Eli Roth.  Could it become a new holiday CLASSIC?



And what about the 2007 cinematic masterpiece "Thankskilling"???



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