LISTEN: Paranormal Investigations During A Pandemic & More With Steve Brodt

We are just a few days away from Halloween and it's the time of year where everyone is in the mood for something spooky. There is nothing spookier than investigating some paranormal activity and my friend Steve Brodt is the guy you should talk to.

I catch up with Steve every year around this time to see how he's doing, what's new in the paranormal world, and what advice he can give to people who might be looking into doing some investigating.

Things have been very strange in 2020 and one business that's been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic is businesses like Steves. He runs Haunted Nights, which is an event company that takes people on haunted trips to do investigations. Hard to really plan those during a pandemic, especially with all the travel restrictions out of New York State. He did tell me he has been able to make due and things have been very busy for him these last few weeks.

He talked to me about how he's handling the spiritual world during the pandemic and how the spirits are reacting to us, which was kind of amazing. Apparently they are keeping a little distance from us, too.

Hear Steve's full interview below!

To learn more about Haunted Nights, click here.

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