Halloween Trick or Treat Guidance From New York State and the CDC

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We are just about a week away from Trick or Treating this Halloween and while 2020 has been pretty rough it looks like we might get a bit of normalcy this holiday.

My friend Dr. Gloria Guptill posted some new guidelines that were put out by both the Governor's office here in New York along with the CDC.

Most of the advice from the Governor's office is pretty spot on with what we've been saying all along. Avoid crowds, wear a mask (easy since it's Halloween) and stay home if you are sick. I think that's the most important thing to remember. If you're sick stay home. Goes for kids and parents.

If you're handing out candy they recommend gloves and masks, which seems like a no brainer since that what food service workers are doing as well as many grocery store employees.

In Dr. Guptill's post she says:

Some low risk activities are outdoor socially distanced pumpkin carving or socially distanced outdoor scavenger hunts. For the trick- or-treaters and parents, it is easy to socially distance and you are outdoors the entire time. Wearing a mask is key. In terms of costume with masks, unless the mask is made of 2 layers of breathable fabric and covers your mouth and nose without leaving gaps around your face, it isn’t recommended. Skip costume masks and wear a cloth mask instead.

You can read Dr. Guptill's full post by clicking here.

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