Why is The New York State Museum Still Closed?

Photo: BJ the Web Guy

We are almost through October 2020 and we have been battling the coronavirus pandemic for well over six months at this point. Still, certain places around New York State remain closed.

Last week we got word that movie theaters could begin opening back up outside of New York City at limited capacity beginning on October 23, 2020. There are certain criteria they'll need to meet and guidance they need to follow, but it will be nice to see them open. Many people have been affected by this, and not so much fans of movies but the employees who work at the theaters.

Over the summer as NYS worked into the various phases we saw museums and aquariums start to reopen, also at limited capacity, so it gave people an educational place to explore. But the New York State Museum remained closed.

I was personally hoping to see it reopen again by the fall but it still has not reopened. I am not quite sure why that is. Is it because it is a NYS run place? If other museums have opened surely they can open back up, too.

Here is the link to reopening low risk arts and entertainment places which lists museums. The Museum website just says that it and the NYS archives are temporarily closed.

This is one of my absolute places to go in the Capital Region. I have spent so much time there with my son learning and showing him things. He also asks me when we can go back. I have to just keep telling him "soon I hope."

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