Halloween Trick or Treating Guidance From Warren County

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

We are getting closer and closer to Halloween and so far while the CDC has said they aren't going to say trick or treating is something we should do, no one is saying not to do it either.

Personally for me I am just waiting on guidance from localities to tell me how to proceed. I've said before that I think as long as you only trick or treat with people in your house, keep distance from others and people wear masks I think we should be just as safe doing that as going to the grocery store. But, I will listen to the authorities on this matter because they know way more than I do.

I live in Albany County and so far they haven't said much. However Warren County has already come out with some solid guidance on taking your kids out. You can read their full guide here.

Here's part of what they suggest:

If you decide you or your family want to take your child door-to-door, please:

• Stay home if sick.

• Trick-or-treat with people from your household only.

• Stay in your neighborhood, and avoid traveling to other neighborhoods or communities to trick-or-treat

• Remain 6 feet apart from people who are not from your household.

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

• Wear a face covering for BOTH your mouth and nose (even under your Halloween mask).

Here is some of their guidance for homeowners handing out candy and treat:

• Consider leaving out a bowl of candy for self-service, or turn off your lights, if you are not comfortable handing out candy.

• Do not hand out candy if you are sick.

• Consider leaving individually wrapped packets of candy on a table on your porch or driveway, to lessen interaction.

• Wear a face covering over BOTH your mouth and nose if you choose to interact with trick-or-treaters.