AMC Theaters To Remain Open Despite Regal Closures

Photo: Getty

Yesterday we learned that due to the COVID-19 pandemic that Regal Cinemas would be suspending all theater operations as of close of business on October 8, 2020. They say that's because of all the restrictions that have left many of their theaters unable to open as well as a lack of new movies to show.

One movie theater company that won't be following Regal is AMC. They say they that they will remain open during the pandemic.

According to Deadline:

More than 80% of AMC’s U.S. circuit is open and an even higher share of the chain’s international theatres across Europe and the Middle East are open with more than 90% of its Odeon Cinemas Group across Europe and 100% of the chain’s locations in the Middle East. In addition, AMC is actively planning to open more of its theatres, especially in New York and California, when authorized to do so by state and county officials.

The president and CEO of AMC says they take comfort in know that moviegoers have already attended movies at their theaters safely because of how clean and safe they keep them.

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